Sinusitis and Vision

Sinusitis is a very troublesome condition that can be brought about by the common cold, bacteria as well as fungal infections. There are a lot of issues you may encounter when dealing with sinusitis. Vision problems, congestion, throbbing headaches, facial, reduced sense of smell or taste, ear pain, fatigue and even bad breath are just a few. While most of these symptoms are manageable, these is one symptom that brings about the greatest concern – vision problems.

Here are a few of the reported problems and complaints linking vision problems to sinusitis.  Some are more serious than others. The more concerning issues include; blurring of vision in one eye; pain in the eye whenever pressure is applied; blocked vision; blurring; and double vision. While every individual may or may not experience sinusitis vision problems, the point here is that there have been reports and instances where the trouble in the eye lingers after the sinusitis treatment is over.

Do not wait for your sinusitis to affect your vision, if you suspect you have it, take immediate steps to handle the problem. There are many over the counter medications as well as herbal options for dealing with sinusitis. Conventional medication will help with the decongestion of mucus as well as other symptoms associated with sinusitis. But be aware that some of the medications may have side effects, so it pays to ask your pharmacist questions before buying anything. If you are dealing with chronic sinusitis, however, you might want to have it checked by your physician first in order ensure maximum results without sacrificing safety.

On the other hand, herbal options are also plentiful and easy to prepare. The good thing about herbal alternatives is that they work well with your body’s natural immune system, allowing for a much more holistic recovery. Goldenseal, ginger, peppermint, oregano, grapefruit seeds, etc. – all of these can be beneficial for you.  To further ensure effectiveness, you can also seek assistance from an experienced herbalist. They will be happy to prepare the herbal remedy for your particular ailment for a small fee.

If your sinusitis is getting worse or if your vision is starting to really be affected it would be best to have your physician schedule an ENT appointment to check it out. This will give you more information on what exactly is the problem and allow you to become more targeted in your treatment approach.

For the most part, sinusitis is often more an annoyance than a real health threat. Regardless of whether or not you agree, it is better to deal with the problem as it can (and will) get worse if left alone. So far there have been no reports of individuals losing their vision due to sinusitis. Nevertheless, sinusitis vision problems can be worrisome as well as troublesome, so do not wait for a vision symptom to present itself before taking any action. If you suspect that you have sinusitis take steps now to deal with it; otherwise you could be dealing with bigger problems later on.

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