Sinusitis And Dizziness

Sinusitis Dizziness is No Laughing Matter

A sinus infection can cause many different symptoms. Common symptoms include pressure, nasal drainage, sore throat, pain and dizziness. Sinusitis dizziness is one of the most frustrating symptoms that can really take a person down and keep them from going through their normal daily activities. So, why does a person feel these symptoms when they have a sinus infection?

Around the area of the nose, in the forehead and cheeks, there are pockets that are usually filled with air. These pockets are called the sinus cavities. In a person with a sinus infection, these pockets become filled with mucus due to the fact that the sinus cavities are swollen and can not drain properly. This inflammation can be caused by allergies or bacteria.

Sinusitis dizziness is a major problem. It can make a person feel lightheaded and through off the balance. The brain is responsible for telling the body about balance, along with a complex system that really determines your balance. In the inner ear directions like forward, backward and up and down are all controlled and monitored. The eyes monitor the visual movements. The skin can monitor where the body is located and how it is moving, along with joints and muscles. The central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, process all the information coming from these areas to determine balance. If the information is conflicting then the body is thrown off balance and a person will feel dizzy. A sinus infection causes the inner ear messages to get messed up and in turn leads to sinusitis dizziness.

Sinusitis dizziness can be treated through treatment for the sinus infection. It is best to try to prevent the infection from every occurring since treatment once the infection starts can take a while to work. It can help to eat healthy foods and ensure you are getting the proper nutrients. The immune system need to be strong to help prevent the sinus infection. It also helps to keep allergens under control when possible. Indoor allergens can be controlled through using vaporizers or an air conditioner. Keeping your home at an ideal humidity is the best way to keep allergens at bay while also ensuring the nasal passages are not getting too dry, which can lead to infection.

Some people may never get sinusitis dizziness, but those who do know it is something that needs to be treated right away. Chronic sinusitis can bring about dizziness that affects your daily life. Proper treatment is essential to keeping sinusitis under control. Sinusitis dizziness should not be ignored. It can be harmful and dangerous, so it is best to seek treatment to cure the infection and take away the symptoms.

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